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The form modern methods of teaching english free essay sample

Present day techniques for encouraging English as an unknown dialect adds to the developing group of language guidance. The article supplies superb asset materials for not just edifying youthful language educators about the value and adequacy of various showing techniques, yet additionally for driving them to an insightful choice in the choice and utilization of a fitting strategy. Becouse of my presumption that there is no specific showing technique which works successfully for any language student in all language instructing settings. Listening aptitudes are best learned through exercises including straightforward and progressively centered around learning in the last item. On the off chance that you have a huge gathering of understudies or little, can be one of the accompanying guides to their own techniques to show understudies how to tune in. Relational exercises in current techniques for showing english A productive and non-undermining for understudies to create listening aptitudes by human exercises, for example, mock meetings and stories. We will compose a custom article test on The structure present day strategies for educating english or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Allocate the understudies into little gatherings of a few, and give them a movement open to the production of parts. For instance, you can converse with the understudy to another to work in an organization or a paper article. Same movement of the account, as in answer to the inquiry â€Å"What is your preferred film from a year ago? † Can offer understudies the chance to pose another inquiry once more, and afterward to rehearse undivided attention. Gathering Activity in present day techniques for instructing english Main exercises of the gathering additionally fill in as a valuable strategy for showing listening abilities for understudies. You can begin with a basic gathering action. For the initial segment, understudies are isolated into gatherings of at least five, and figure out how to take in a side interest or enthusiasm from in any event two individuals. Urge them to request explanation in business questions, and can permit them to take notes on the off chance that it makes a difference. Be that as it may, time passes and building up your abilities, ought to be constrained to the understudies to take notes toward the finish of the initial segment of group composing. For the subsequent part, understudies sit in a major circle, at that point the name of every understudy and individual activities by side interest or intrigue bunch individuals who met the person in question. This second piece of the gathering exercises with other listening practices are advertised. For instance, you may solicit understudies to a number from leisure activities and interests to distinguish benefit of the sharing meeting. Sound sections in present day strategies for encouraging english You can likewise figure out how to tune in to sound clasps of radio stations, digital broadcasts, online gatherings and other instructive sound messages. You should show the intelligent procedure of tuning in the study hall with their understudies, and request that they rehash the activity all alone. In the first place, all understudies sit and tune in to what they need the substance of the sound section to learn, think about the arrangement. When you have composed or share thoughts, and afterward play the sound fragment, permitting understudies to take notes on the off chance that it makes a difference. When you have the certainty and experience to rehash this movement, yet understudies don't take notes until the finish of the sound fragment. You can utilize the sound portions pretty much, and the material progressively available and can be hard to pick this sort of activity. Video Segments in present day techniques for showing english Another valuable apparatus for training listening aptitudes are the video portions, including short outlines, news, narratives, meetings and parody fragments and sensational material. With respect to the sound portions, pick the room and the length of the section of the video on the aptitudes of their understudies. With his understudies, on the main fragment without sound to see and examine. Urge understudies to figure out what he accepts the substance of this portion. At that point watch the section, this time with sound, permitting understudies to take notes, valuable abilities coordinate. Endless supply of the video, the understudies compose a short rundown of the sections, or you can spare time, taking into gatherings to examine how it contrasts and the portion of the desires for understudies. Sheets in current strategies for showing english Regardless of the technique used to tune in to the instructing, learning essential tips for taking notes to support you and your understudies for figuring out how to explore. One of them, keep your desires in light of the fact that even the most experienced audience members would call all the news is valid and precise. The two headings and care they can stand to concentrate on the open doors for understudies not exclusively to pose explaining inquiries, yet in addition botches. Third, assist understudies with investigating the dread of correspondence for advancement exercises as their abilities and certainty and construct confidence through the festival of how they begin to improve, paying little mind to estimate. In present day techniques for showing English, the instructors utilize an assortment of strategies to show English as a subsequent language. Every understudy is one of a kind and will react well to a specific strategy. A decent instructor utilizes the things that the individual in question has and the learning styles of the understudies. Adjusting your style to your group can be a compelling educating strategy.

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Review of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Survey of 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad Composed by Joseph Conrad just before the century that would see the finish of the domain that it so remarkably scrutinizes, Heart of Darkness is both an undertaking story set at the focal point of a landmass spoke to through breathtakingâ verse, just as an investigation of the inescapable defilement that originates from the activity of domineering force. Review A sailor sat upon a towing boat secured in the waterway Thames portrays the fundamental area of the story. This man, named Marlow, tells his kindred travelers that he invested a decent arrangement of energy in Africa. In one case, he was called upon to steer an excursion down the waterway Congo looking for an ivory operator, who was sent as a feature of the British provincial enthusiasm for an anonymous African nation. This man, named Kurtz, vanished suddenly and completely moving concern that hed gone local, been hijacked, departed suddenly with the companys cash, or been murdered by the isolated clans in the jungle.As Marlow and his crewmates draw nearer to the spot Kurtz was most recently seen, he begins to comprehend the fascination of the wilderness. Away from development, the sentiments of risk and probability begin to get alluring to him in light of their mind blowing power. At the point when they show up at the internal station, they find that Kurtz has become a lord, right a round a God to the tribesmen and ladies who he has bowed to his will. He has likewise taken a spouse, in spite of the reality he has an European life partner at home. Marlow additionally discovers Kurtz sick. Despite the fact that Kurtz doesnt wish it, Marlow takes him on board the vessel. Kurtz doesn't endure the excursion back, and Marlow must get back to break the news to Kurtzs life partner. Vulnerable light of the cutting edge world, he can't come clean and, rather, lies about the way Kurtz lived in the core of the wilderness and the way he kicked the bucket. The Dark in Heart of Darkness Numerous analysts have seen Conrads portrayal of the dull mainland and its kin as particularly aâ part of a supremacist custom that has existed in Western writing for quite a long time. Most remarkably, Chinua Achebe blamed Conrad for bigotry on account of his refusal to consider the to be man as a person in his own right, and as a result of his utilization of Africa as a setting-delegate of murkiness and evil.Although the facts confirm that insidious and the adulterating intensity of malice is Conrads subject, Africa isn't just agent of that topic. Stood out from the dull landmass of Africa is the light of the sepulchered urban areas of the West, a juxtaposition that doesn't really propose that Africa is awful or that the as far as anyone knows enlightened West is good.The haziness at the core of the humanized white man (especially the edified Kurtz who entered the wilderness as an emissary of pity and study of procedure and who turns into a despot) is stood out and looked at from the supposed boorishness of the mainland. The procedure of progress is the place the genuine dimness lies. Kurtz Fundamental to the story is the character of Kurtz, despite the fact that he is just presented late in the story, and kicks the bucket before he offers a lot of understanding into his reality or what he has become. Marlows relationship with Kurtz and what he speaks to Marlow is truly at the core of the novel.The book implies that we can't comprehend the murkiness that has influenced Kurtzs soul-surely not without understanding what he has experienced in the wilderness. Taking Marlows perspective, we look from the outside what has changed Kurtz so unalterably from the European man of complexity to something undeniably additionally startling. As though to show this, Conrad lets us see Kurtz on his deathbed. In the last snapshots of his life, Kurtz is in a fever. All things being equal, he appears to see something that we can't. Gazing at himself he can just murmur, The ghastliness! The loathsomeness! Goodness, the Style Just as being an exceptional story, Heart of Darkness contains probably the most incredible utilization of language in English writing. Conrad had an odd history: he was conceived in Poland, voyaged however France, turned into a sailor when he was 16, and invested a decent arrangement of energy in South America. These impacts loaned his style a magnificently valid idiom. Yet, in Heart of Darkness, we likewise observe a style that is amazingly beautiful for a composition work. In excess of a novel, the work resembles an all-inclusive emblematic sonnet, influencing the peruser with the breadths of its thoughts just as the magnificence of its words.

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Finding Examples of Good Movie Reviews

Finding Examples of Good Movie Reviews You watched a terrific film: fascinating, interesting, and exciting. You cannot sleep or eat until you tell your friends about this movie or strangers on the internet. Or maybe, on the contrary you spent two hours on the film that was so boring that it can be prescribed instead of sleeping pills. Of course, you want to share your disappointment. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is a natural human need. Movies are not just entertainment. Like any work of art, it should encourage viewers to dialogue. So, you are in a hurry to open any movie website and leave your own review for the film you just watched. Many of those who write there, sincerely consider themselves to be reviewers. But, alas, to become a film critic, it is not enough to share impressions with the public. Most authors who call themselves critics, in fact, simply write their feedback on the movies. What is the difference? Feedback is your impression of the movie. What a great movie! â€" if you extend this idea to a page, you will get a detailed feedback. The review implies an emotional assessment but the review is a genre of film criticism, a small, concise publication that analyzes the idea of the filmmakers and its embodiment. The review requires not only an emotional assessment, but also analytical information. Intro on how to properly write a movie review What is the result of the cherished analytical evaluation, which distinguishes the feedback from the review? Characterizing the film, the reviewer should rely on such factors: Scenario Directing Acting Operator’s work Musical accompaniment Visualization (visual effects, work of costumers, make-up artists) This is not a complete list of criteria, but these are the main points arranged not by chance, but in order of importance. Of course, everything is relative, and the mathematical algorithm for evaluating films does not exist, but the bad work of make-up artists often does not spoil the movie as a failure of the writers. Scenario or directing errors usually become fatal for the story, while the visualization flaws can sometimes be missed. What is a movie review? Review is a professional or amateur analysis of any work of art, including literary. The review involves not only a subjective review, but also a description and a critical analysis of the work, revealing its strengths and weaknesses, comparing the reviewed work with other works of the writer or samples of the genre. To write a good movie review, you first need to look through several good movie review examples to get an idea on how to prepare your own review. Using the reference on how to write movie review To write a review, follow this plan: A title. The title should first of all be of interest to the reader, but if there is no fantasy, in this case it is better to write specifically A review about the film … or A review of the movie …. However, it may sound pretty boring. The title should contain the name of the movie because the reader should know the subject of the discussion. The great way is to include the main idea of the review in the title, and not more than one short sentence. Introduction. After an exciting title, come up with an exciting intro, so that after reading a couple of sentences, there is no desire to close the page and never to return to it again. Usually, the maximum of 4 proposals are enough for the entry. These are a few common phrases that prepare the foundation for the narration that would follow. A short plot. Briefly describe the plot, without talking about the main things in the movie. In no case tell the ending, so as not to incur the curse of the reader. Write as much so that would people still want to see the movie. If the movie is not good, you can describe the plot in more detail. Analyzing the movie. Talk about the actors, if they reached the task, and what the task was. Analyze the plot to identify any weak or strong sides of the movie, if it was fully revealed, was it original and interesting. Talk about the director’s work. Did he manage to convey the main idea to the viewers? If you can write about the work of the operator, special effects, scenery, etc. Your own opinion of the movie. Give your personal impression of the movie. Don’t make it objective and base it on the analysis. Conclusion. Here, draw deductions and summarize your evaluation of the movie. You can give recommendations if it’s worth seeing this movie. Good examples of movie review Here is an example of a film review essay: Movie â€" How to lose a guy in 10 days (USA) A romantic comedy by Donald Petri Main cast: Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson A young journalist Andy Anderson, who works in a glossy women’s magazine and writes on topics such as how to dry nails faster, gets a new task: to write a story about typical female mistakes in relationships with men, which lead to the break up most quickly. But she should write an article, based solely on her own experience. At the moment when Andy leaves the office in search of her guinea pig, on the other end of the city, a young advertising agent Benjamin Barry concludes with his boss that his relationship with the girl can last more than two weeks. Of course, these two will definitely meet each other, and while Andy is capricious and exhausting Benjamin in every way, stoically suffers in order to win a bet. Naturally, the audience will guess how the story will develop in the first ten minutes of the film. Tips for writing a movie review Here are some tips on writing movie reviews: In order for the review to be good, begin immediately after seeing the movie. This way, it’ll be easier to transfer the info better and more precisely. Bring a notebook to the cinema. Once the movie is finished, write down the highlights that you liked and that made a vivid impression on you. When you come home, you should come up with a headline. Think of something original and unique. The entry has to reflect the main thought of the movie briefly. The main line of the story or, for example, list the names of the actors, in what movies they were filmed before, etc. will also be appropriate. But there is a very important rule: in no case disclose the riddle of the movie. Do not open all the cards. In addition, one should avoid all boring retelling. Analyze the film. Conclude if the main idea of the movie was disclosed. Describe the things that you liked. Share an impression of the movie, without describing your personal assessment. This is what distinguishes the feedback from the review. Conclusion â€" here it is necessary to identify what the viewers will get after watching this movie. Conclusion about the movie review If you competently write movie reviews, you can bring not only joy and good mood to people who will see the film after your review but also will save time those people who don’t want to spend it on a bad film and not get any pleasure.

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Infrastructure for Knowledge Management - 42738 Words

Infrastructure for Knowledge Management Dr. Randy J. Frid 1 Table of Contents COMMON VOCABULARY..........................................................................................................4 FORWARD .....................................................................................................................................5 CHAPTER 1 – Defining Knowledge Management ........................................................................8 The Meaning of â€Å"Knowledge† ....................................................................................................8 Perceived Gains .........................................................................................................................10 The†¦show more content†¦.....................................................61 Case Studies ..........................................................................................................................61 Focus Groups...................................................................................... ...................................61 Feedback Systems .................................................................................................................62 Performance Evaluations.......................................................................................................62 Knowledge Seminars.............................................................................................................62 Broadcast Communications...................................................................................................62 Rewards for Achievement .....................................................................................................63 Contractors and Consultants......................................................................................................63 Virtual Teams ............................................................................................................................63 Formal and Informal meetings ........... .......................................................................................64 CapturingShow MoreRelatedThe Alcan Case Study1642 Words   |  7 Pagesand cons of the current Alcan infrastructure are analyzed, in addition to an evaluation of Robert Ouellettes proposed centralized IT infrastructure as well. Assessing the Pros and Cons of the Current Alcan IT Infrastructure Alcan has the majority of its systems located in Voreppe, France, specifically to support the Paris operations, while the UK has the second-largest cluster of servers. There are additional locations Alcan has servers and IT infrastructure located at, all of these highlyRead MoreSop Essay712 Words   |  3 Pagesanalysis and modelling, signal processing, data-driven infrastructure management and predictive modelling I have demonstrated teaching and course coordination experience at Swinburne University of Technology at undergraduate and postgraduate level to develop teaching and assessment material, mark student assignments and respond to the student questions and feedback. I taught various courses in the field of electronic engineering, project management and mathematics. I developed user manuals, trainingRead MoreKnowledge Management At World Bank1594 Words   |  7 PagesMGT-703 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY ON KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AT WORLD BANK SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: JOANNA DAI WAQAS ALI 11200695 Executive Summary The main concept of this report is to discuss the concept of knowledge management and identify the existing knowledge reservoirs in World Bank. I will be focusing on Knowledge in people, Knowledge in artifacts and Knowledge in organizationalRead MoreAlcan Case Study1414 Words   |  6 Pagesthe case and set the foundation for the assessment of the pros and cons of the current Alcan IT infrastructure. An analysis of the proposed Alcan infrastructure is also provided, in addition to a recommendation for improvements to the infrastructure. The CIO, Robert Ouellette, has many excellent ideas that are included throughout this analysis. The Pros and Cons of the Current Alcan IT Infrastructure Despite Alcan being a global manufacturer, they are myopically focused on the French operationsRead MoreHow Can an Organization Use an Intranet to Achieve Knowledge Sharing among Its Employees?557 Words   |  3 Pagesto achieve knowledge sharing within it. According to Robertson (2004), the intranet can provide a dynamic living environment necessary for knowledge sharing. This aspect is also supported by Averweg (2011) who states that knowledge management involves the contribution of knowledge in organizations especially in the sharing of knowledge in informal infrastructure, essentially through communities of structure. Organizations can enable this through the acquisition of necessary infrastructure for the sameRead MoreRetirement is Stripping the Corporate World of Knowledge884 Words   |  4 Pages Knowledge is leaving the firm at an alarming pace. Retirements are stripping the firm of corporate experience, and projects are repeating mistakes that have been avoided in the past. Average time to complete carrier maintenance is 3 months longer than average. Traditional methods of training and transferring knowledge have not yielded tangible benefits. To reverse this trend, the Carrier Maintenance Leadership Team should establish and resource Knowledge Sharing Networks (KSN) centered onRead MoreIs Data And Metadata Sharing?1098 Words   |  5 Pagesbroader institutional efforts. Lack of knowledge sharing concerning initiative effectiveness and lessons learned makes it difficult to learn about promising and best practices and institutionalize them. This paper presents a framework for sharing metadata, enumerates various considerations of technologies and infrastructure that needs to be accounted for while building such a framework along with a thorough review of the related technologies and infrastructure. The proposed framework provides a flexibleRead MoreImplementation Of A Strategic Management System835 Words   |  4 Pagesof the model terms and encompass the balanced scorecard’s learning and growth perspective information requirements. The balanced scorecard includes financial and nonfinancial measures from which performance is compared to as part of a strategic management system. The REA framework focuses on economic activity (very close to the traditional accounting view) whereas the balanced scorecard goes beyond economic information to include external information not directly tied to economic events and strategicRead MoreKnowledge Management Is Considered As A Valuable Component Towards The Success Of An Organization891 Words   |  4 Pagesother for sharing knowledge. Therefore, knowledge management is considered as a valuable component towards the success of an organization. Introduction to Knowledge Management Knowledge management, which is defined according to Rastogi (2000) as a systematic process with â€Å"activities of acquiring, creating, storing, sharing, diffusing, developing, and deploying knowledge by individuals and groups in pursuit of major organizational goals†(p. 40). Furthermore, knowledge management provides a suitableRead MoreWal Mart Is A Competitive Tool For Its Business968 Words   |  4 Pagesgirlfriend, wife, daughter, and son. Is either a good/bad feeling? So, let me talk about Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the largest retail company that is growing continuously through the use of knowledge management. This tool is used to restrict the inventory growth by maintaining proper stock position. The knowledge management system in Wal-Mart is known as retail link that is a powerful tool to enhance effectiveness of the organizational strategies (Troy, 2002). Retail link of Wal-Mart is a competitive tool

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Workplace Romance - 2003 Words

SEXUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE Licresha Pierce Strayer University Professor Honore Workplace romance exists when two members of the same organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction. Individuals who develop workplace romances may cause damages to morale and productivity. However companies are still confused whether or not they should interfere in the romantic relationship. Many companies are trying to figure out what department should get involved and what policies should be set and should there be set guidelines? There are pros and cons to developing a relationship with a co- worker. Some advantages would be to motivate employees, improve teamwork, communications and cooperation. Some disadvantages would be work†¦show more content†¦CRA is a vague area and it can be one person’s word against the other when it goes sour. Ethical principles are based on the individual or group and what they think is right or wrong. What may seem right to some maybe wrong to others. So companies need to keep in mind the different beliefs. There is also a right to privacy, so by implementing a CRA it should be clear. Nonfraternization policies â€Å"Having clear policies that govern behaviors and relationships acceptable in the workplace is the first step employers should take to control dangerous workplace romances† (Lieber 2008). There are different types of nonfraternization policies. Some employees ban on any dating in the workplace. They are not legally enforced because they are considered overbroad. Another policy prohibits supervisors from dating and employee because of the power between the two may cause the employee to feel pressured to start or stay in the relationship and finally the most common and most recommended policy prohibits supervisors from dating subordinates who are in the supervisor’s direct chain of command. Ethical behavior should be considered when allowing workplace romance. I think from an employer’s perspective they have to consider certain things such as respecting a person’s moral principles such as honesty, fairness, equality, resp ecting the dignity, diversity and the rights of other people. Being ethical means doing the right thing in any situation.Show MoreRelatedConsensual Relationship Agreements1966 Words   |  8 PagesStudy Tracy Duckett Dr. Ronnie Jones Bus. 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Fall Quarter 2012 Abstract It is not uncommon that an office romance will develop between co-workers; based on the fact that majority of their lifetime is spent at their place of employment. Employers are aware of this possibility and have workplace romance policies to protect themselves and the parties in the relationship. Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) are one of the policies that protect theRead MoreOffice Romance Essay2407 Words   |  10 PagesIt is not morally acceptable for employers to make generalized rules against dating in the workplace. Such rules violate the employee’s personal rights and may act against a company’s best interests. There are morally and legally acceptable exceptions, however, when specific romantic relationships, such as those between supervisors and subordinates, are likely to create a financial and legal liability for a company, and hamper the company from conducting business. In these cases, it would be morallyRead MoreThe State Of Sexual Harassment8 58 Words   |  4 PagesSexual Harassment in America: What is the Status of Sexual Harassment in the US Workplace Today? Journal of Global Business Management, 8(1), 133-138. Unwanted sexual advances are inappropriate whether or not an individual is at work. This article speaks to the minds of people who have been sexually harassed at work in the 2000s. When written, the article explained that in the last two years sexual harassment in the workplace had actually increased. It also explains the difference between a minor incidentRead MoreThe Use of Consensual Relationship Agreements1344 Words   |  5 PagesArgue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current (or future) workplace. 2. Create a counter argument against the use of CRAs in your current (or future) workplace. 3. Discuss the ethical principles involved in the use of CRAs. 4. Create at least one (1) other option besides CRAs that would address workplace romances. Workplace romances happen all the time. *Love is in the air reports that between 6 million to 8 million Americans enter into such relationships everyRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1253 Words   |  6 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace What cause sexual harassment in the workplace? Sexual harassment is defined as discrimination towards sex. It is unwanted verbal and/or physical contact between two human beings, however, in this case I would like to focus on the workplace (co-worker or supervisor). Based on Civil Rights Act of 1991, there has been an increased amount of incentives for employer’s prohibition conducts of sexual harassment. How people perceive and evaluate sexual harassmentRead MoreEssay Consensual Relationship1258 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Consensual  Relationship Agreements at the work place rules and regulations should be strictly enforced in the offices. Consensual Relationship Agreement refers to the romance relationships between employees at the work place. Great deals of individuals have opinions about consensual relationships agreements. My opinion is that the agreement should be signed by every employee and this procedure would be more effective for the organizational and employee. This study is conducted based onRead MoreRelationship Between Co Workers And Workplace1104 Words   |  5 Pageshappen at any time at any place. It is often considered as a taboo issue, but workplace romance and relatives relationship at work is a reality. Workplace can be considered a second home for most people, as they spend nearly half of a day or even more there. Thus, it can become a dating environment; affinities with co-workers can develop and can lead to workplace romance, friendship and sexual relationship. Workplace relationships can create major issues to companies, and the interesting aspectRead More Dating in The Workplace Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pagesthat most coworkers are finding themselves involved in an office romance? According to recent studies, 48% of employees admit to being involved in an office romance at some point in their careers (Voo). Several studies indicate that a high percentage of employees have been involved in an office romance at some point in their careers (Neff). While there are fears amongst companies concerning dating in the workplace, they seem to be more accepting to the changing social climatesRead MoreAn Employee’S Right To Privacy In The Workplace Is An Increasingly1349 Words   |  6 Pagesin the workplace is an increasingly controversial legal topic, especially in an age of increased technology. These days, employers can virtually monitor all workplace communications made by employees using computers such as the Internet and company email. While the law generally allows this monitoring, some employee’s view it is a violation of their privacy. Other bothersome topics on an employee’s right to privacy in the workplace is employee drug or honesty testing, and whether romance in theRead MoreInterpersonal Behavior Within the Organization1389 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Interpersonal behavior is the interaction between two or more persons. It is imperative to building and maintaining any type of relationship in our social world. However, when looking at interpersonal behavior in the workplace, things become a little more complicated. Interpersonal behavior affects the relationships between coworker and coworker, coworker and supervisor, and even worker and customer. Interpersonal relationships are important in career and job success. Positive

Free Radiology Dissertation Topics Free Essays

This post was contributed by Casey Roberts, who is a student and also writes for Radiology Assistant. Radiology Assistant helps students find the right radiology degree. 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Free Radiology Dissertation Topics or any similar topic only for you Order Now 0. Introduction to Radiology Radiology is the branch of medicine that uses radiographs to produce images of the human body in order to diagnose and treat ailments. Although radiology exclusively meant x-ray in the past, there are now many different types of radiology imaging used in medicine. Radiology dissertation topics can discuss new areas of technology, why the old ones are still relevant, or even a pro and con list of two or more types of radiology imaging. Below, we have more topics of interest to those writing a radiology dissertation. 2.0. Types of Radiology 2.1X-ray 2.1.1 The history and evolution of the x-ray since its first inception in 1895. 2.1.2 To what extent are x-rays still useful today, and will there ever be a day when they are no longer needed. 2.1.3 Madam Curie and the x-ray. Her curiosity to see how the beams worked in conjunction with radiation led to some amazing discoveries along with her death. Is the scientific venture worth sacrificing your own life for? 2.1.4 Use of x-rays for diagnosing conditions in the skull. 2.1.5 Use of x-rays to diagnose chest illnesses such as lung cancer, heart issues, and others. 2.1.6 How new developments in x-ray technology could effect the future, such as x-ray use in nanospectroscopy. 2.1.7 Application of x-ray technology beyond medicine, such as the use of the Chandra X-ray by NASA used to take images of space. 2.2 Fluoroscopy and Angiography 2.2.1How is the use of fluoroscopy and angiography superior/inferior to the use of x-ray? 2.2.2 What are the advantages and diseases that can be best treated by fluoroscopy and angiography along with their outcomes. 2.2.3 What are the dangers of iodine use in fluoroscopy and angiography. 2.3 Computerized tomography (CT) 2.3.1 Production of human organ systems from use of computerized tomography and their applications. 2.3.2 Production of three dimensional maps of human organs through the use of CT scans. 2.3.3 Use of CT scans to discern brain patterns for analysis, such as those in the mentally ill or who have dementia. 2.3.4 Growth of single-photon emission computed tomography to map blood flow and its uses in various diseases and conditions. 2.3.5 Use of CT technology beyond medicine in areas such as the environment, veterinary health, and even the geophysical. 2.4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 2.4.1 How the use of MRI contrast agents can be improved to better develop images. 2.4.2 Use of MRI to diagnose intracranial hemorrhage for better patient outcomes. 2.4.3 Use of MRI to map out cardio functions to better diagnose conditions and plan surgeries. 2.4.4 Cost vs. effectiveness of use of MRI scanning vs. a cheaper but more limited imaging such as ultrasound. 2.4.5 The rise of MRI guided procedures as well as the benefits and shortfalls 2.4.6 Size of MRI machines, why they need to be so big, how they could be reduced in size, or increased in opening to accommodate larger patients. 2.4.7 Claustrophobia and the MRI machine: which patients should and should not be forced into one. 2.5 Nuclear Medicine 2.5.1 Use of radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine and their dangers. 2.5.2 Analysis and comparison of agents used in nuclear medicine such as Iodine-123, Iodine-131, Gallium-67, Technetium-99m, and Thallium-201. 2.5.3 How nuclear medicine and CT scans can be used in tandem to produce better results. 2.5.4 Advantages and disadvantages of using positron emission tomography for use in detecting cancer. 2.5.5 Benefits and risks of nuclear medicine on items such as diagnosing, patient safety, and cost. 2.5.6 Disposal of nuclear medicine waste: the proper ways to be done, ways it can be recycled, and danger to the environment. 2.5.7 Cost of producing nuclear medicine agents and technology vs. the benefits 3.0. Other Radiology Topics 3.1 Difference between careers in radiology from doctor of radiology, radiology technician, radiology assistant, nurse, etc. 3.2 Use of radiology beyond diagnosing diseases and into items such as delivering drugs, guiding surgeries, etc. 3.3 How radiology can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke. 3.4 Why hasn’t imaging technology in radiology kept up with imaging technology in personal photography with features such as digital images instead of film, smaller machines, lower costs, better results, etc. How to cite Free Radiology Dissertation Topics, Essays

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Las alpacas y las llamas Essays - DraftEndorfinas, DraftMasteruoc

Las alpacas y las llamas En los pa?ses de la Am?rica del Sur, hay muchos animales diferentes a los de los Estados Unidos. Dos de los m?s reconocibles son las llamas y las alpacas. Ya que se usan muchos en la regi?n de los Andes, son un s?mbolo para Am?rica del Sur y su cultura. Parecen como dos tipos de lo mismo animal, pero en realidad hay muchas diferencias entre las especies. Si viaje a esta regi?n, es muy importante saber estas diferencias para no parecer ignorante. No es dif?cil confundir a un animal con el otro. Al verlos, ambos tienen una forma similar (son como una mezcla de un caballo y una jirafa, con cuatros piernas, un cuello largo, y piel gre?uda) y ambos viven en los Andes. Los cient?ficos creen que tienen un ancestro similar que emigr? de Am?rica del Norte hace millones de a?os pasados. Las dos especies pueden estar enojadas cuando se molestan, y escupen para mostrar su frustraci?n. Un hecho interesante es que su escupa no es como otros animales, sino es espuma de aire combinado con ?cido del estomago. Este tiene un olor muy malo, y ambos animales lo usan para castigar miembros del reba?o. En esta moda mantener la estructura de su familia, una estructura muy importante. Las llamas y las alpacas ambos son animales que dependen en su reba?o, y no pueden sobrevivir solos. Los nativos de la regi?n usan ambos de modas simulares. Por tienen mucho pelo, son fuentes fabulosas de lana, la cual se puede usar hacer mantas, ropa, y cuerda. Tambi? n son muy inteligentes y pueden aprender sin mucha repetici?n. Finalmente, las alpacas y las llamas se pueden reproducir, que demuestra sus parecidos gen?ticos tambi?n. Solamente especies muy simularlas pueden criar. Sin embargo, estos datos solamente son superficiales. En realidad, hay muchas diferencias entre las alpacas y las llamas. Aunque parecen similares, las alpacas son m?s peque?as de las llamas. Generalmente, las llamas crecen hasta dos o tres pies m?s altas que las alpacas. Tambi?n tienen diferencias en la estructura de sus orejas. Las llamas tienen orejas modeladas como una banana, y las alpacas tienen orejas m?s rectas. Esta diferencia da las alpacas o?do mejor, una habilidad importante para un animal peque?o. Para comunicarse las alpacas tararean como un humano. Sin embargo, las llamas hacen una ?mwa?, un ruido lo cuales una mezcla de una vaca y un ganso. Pero todas las diferencias no son obvias. Por son mayores y m?s fuertes, las llamas tienen m?s usos que las alpacas. Los Inca usaban llamas para llevar suministros pesados por las monta?as. Las alpacas no pueden llevar mucho, pero su piel es mejor que la de las llamas. Tambi?n, los Inca las criaban por su carne porque tienen menos grasa de las llamas, y su carne as m?s saludable. En general, las llamas se usan como mulos y las alpacas se usan como ovejas. En conclusi?n, aunque parecen similares las llamas y las alpacas, en realidad hay muchas diferencias entre de las dos especies. Este hecho demuestra por que una persona no debe suponer base a aspectos superficiales. Dos cosas que aparecen ser los mismos en el exterior pueden ser muy diferentes.